The most reliable casting company in NYC.


ASD Casting is the most efficient and reliable casting house in the Diamond District of New York.
We have over 30 years of experience in the jewelry industry.
Our quality standard and fast turnaround makes us the best in the city.
We have no minimum order requirement any job is welcome.
Our professional team will accommodate your every need, and provide full customer satisfaction.
Our goal is to provide the highest quality products and fast service with full consideration of form, function, and environmental impact.


3D Printing refers to the process in which material is solidified with computer technology to create a three dimensional jewelry master piece.
Printing only in highest resolution guarantees our clients satisfaction and ensures continued trust.
Turnaround for printing and casting is of 2 business days, we can process STL, SLC or RHINO Files.
Simply email us your order and our professional team of over 30 years will take care of the rest, quotes are available upon your request.
We can print and cast large items of sculpture size and dimensions.


Jewelry Mold making is the procedure used to duplicate any model from 1 to 1,000.
This may be done directly from a Wax or an actual Metal Model.
No matter the complexity of your project our team can guide you thru which mold may be your best option whether it’s Silicone, Blue, Pink, Vlt, Metal or Clear.
We focus on serving the Jewelry Industry but we can also mold Sculptures of any size.

We use variety of  materials with different shrinkage factors.


Gold Casting Alloys And Karats

10k | White / Yellow
14k | Green / White / Yellow / Rose or Pink / White w/Palladium (nickel free)
18k | Green / White  / Yellow / Rose or Pink / White w/Palladium (nickel free)
20k | Pink / Yellow
22k | Yellow
24k | Yellow

Platinum Casting Alloys

95.2 Platinum + 4.8 Ruthenium
95.2 Platinum + 4.8 Cobalt
95.2 Platinum + 4.8 Iridium
95.2 Platinum Spring

Palladium Casting Alloys

95.2 Palladium + 4.8 Ruthenium

Silver Casting Alloys

Pure Silver
Regular Sterling Sliver
Non-tarnish Sterling Silver
Spring Sterling Silver

Base Metal Casting Alloys

Brass | Yellow / Green / White / Pink

We look forward to assisting you.